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The Enigmatic World of AVII GOLD: Analyzing ‘Poison Collection’

  Rick Jamm    December 2, 2023 

In the realm of music that boldly defies categorization, Swiss polymath AVII GOLD emerges as a luminary, fusing her talents in music, film, and visual art to craft a sonic universe that blurs the lines between pop, indie, and electronic genres. Her latest single, “Poison Collection,” becomes the crystallization of her multifaceted artistry, a spellbinding expedition into the enigmatic corridors of her wistful art-pop landscape. In her expansive repertoire, AVII GOLD has etched herself as one of the most diverse artists in contemporary underground music, continually surprising her audience with each new release.

At the core of AVII GOLD’s artistic ethos lies an audacious amalgamation of divergent sounds and rhythms, a daring synthesis that forges a path beyond conventions. “Poison Collection” epitomizes this ethos with an unapologetic fervor, where the distinctive vocals of AVII GOLD interlace seamlessly with a meticulously constructed symphony of unconventional beats and melodies. While her arresting vocals undeniably steal the spotlight, the intricately woven musical arrangement certainly adds creative weight to the production. It’s this audacious fusion that elevates the track far beyond the confines of conventional popular music.


“Poison Collection” unfurls a narrative of addiction, a subject often steeped in shadowy complexities. Within the propelling rhythm lies a lyrical tapestry that delves into the paradoxical relationship between profound affection and the perilous nature of a figurative “poison collection.” AVII GOLD’s protagonist navigates this emotional labyrinth with a poignant duality – an ardent devotion to these substances coupled with an acute cognizance of their destructive potential.

The lyricism paints a vivid picture of intimacy with these “poisons,” almost personifying them as confidants or allies, despite the haunting awareness of their detrimental impact. There’s an arresting juxtaposition between the protagonist’s affectionate declarations and the stark reality of their adverse effects, captured in phrases that oscillate between devotion and acknowledgment of harm.

The resounding chorus, “My little poison affection / You never give me a rejection,” encapsulates the unconditional solace and emotional sanctuary derived from these substances, challenging societal norms that vilify them. AVII GOLD, through her evocative storytelling, elucidates the profound complexity of addiction, where her poignant portrayal masterfully captures its intricate nuances, depicting it as both a sanctuary and a recognized peril.

JHern and DR.T. Petty’s intricate musical arrangement becomes the vibrant tapestry against which AVII GOLD’s singular delivery flourishes. The synergy between the intricate production and AVII GOLD’s distinctive vocals culminates in an unparalleled sonic experience. It’s a musical alchemy that defies replication, asserting itself as an indispensable element in the artist’s evocative repertoire.

In essence, “Poison Collection” stands as a testament to AVII GOLD’s prowess in transcending musical boundaries. It confronts the traditional notions of dependency and aid, portraying a deeply entwined relationship between the protagonist and their “poison collection” – a relationship woven with intricacy, intimacy, and a mosaic of conflicting emotions. This audacious single emerges not just as a standout in AVII GOLD’s repertoire but as one of the year’s most enthralling and singularly original pop compositions.

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AVI Gold Princess single1_0,5x.png
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